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Save money, space and the nature.

Tilasa has taken the idea of ​​a traditional wall bed further - while in the daytime your bed may be replaced by a bookcase, workstation or a dining table.

Why Tilasa?

Dining table and bed - combined.

The dining table folds effortlessly under the bed with Ulisse dining. This makes it easy to combine the bedroom and the dining area. Entertaining your friends with dinner is as normal as having a regular dinner table and when your friends leave, all you have to do is fold the bed down and sleep.

Ulisse dining is the perfect solution to the housing problem in downtown Helsinki!

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Sofa, bed and shelf - combined.

The living room gets a new purpose with the help of the Swing.
During the day, you can take advantage of all the squares in your living room and when the night comes you can easily fold the sofa to a bed.

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Design and practicality - combined.

In addition to widespread practicality, you can change your sofa bed fabrics anytime you like. When you order yourself a bed from tilasa, you will be able to choose the materials that you would like it to be made out of.

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Each product is designed to last you a lifetime of daily use. You get to choose yourself the materials you want your bed to be made out of. Addition to that you can change your sofa bed fabrics anytime you like.


Why a wall bed?

With over a thousand of happy customers in our pocket, we think that we’re the right people to answer your question. That’s why we have listed down six reasons on why you should get yourself one.

Why a wall bed?

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Same idea of capable furniture continues to our tables - for example your new dining table could be turned into a coffee table.

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Italian furniture configurations by Tilasa

Does your living room need to be just a living room, is a bedroom just for sleeping? The high-quality Clei products from Tilasa bring a completely new approach to traditional interior design. Our solutions differ from the rest because we have stretched the idea of a fold-down bed. In the daytime you can use the space for example as a bookshelf, home office or a dining area that changes to a bed within seconds. Therefore the area is usable in the daytime and you don’t have to make your bed daily!

Founded in 1963, the Italian Clei is the leading provider of fold-down beds all around the world. Known from their beautiful design and durable products, the award winning company is the best firm to turn to when you are in the need of fold-down furniture solutions.

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